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Academy of Dance
Baby Ballet 1 ( at least 2 years old: Birthday in 2015-2016)
This is our earliest exposure to our dance program. This is a magical class where our little ones first learn how to function in a classroom environment. We use lots of stories, props, costumes to make it fun for our tiny dancers!
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Baby Ballet 2 (At least 3 years old: Birthday in 2014)
This is the natural extension of our creative Baby Ballet program. Classes use a magical combination of props, stories and costumes while teaching the very beginning elements of ballet in a fun way. This level begins to incorporate a short ballet barre, which is a traditional element of all ballet classes.
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Baby Ballet 3 (At least 4 years old: Birthday in 2012-2013)
This class is a natural progression from our earlier levels of Baby Ballet, but is certainly appropriate for students who are new to dance, as well. We use stories, props and costumes to create a magical learning environment that is just right for this age group. At this level, dancers learn how to use the ballet barre as well as how to work in center and lots of time is spent on our creative dances as well. 
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